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Welcome to, a dedicated platform catering to the holistic health of the women in your family. At FamilyGynaec, we firmly believe that women of all ages should prioritize their gynecological health, making regular health check-ups an essential aspect of their well-being. Whether it's adolescent girls navigating the challenges of menstrual age or middle-aged women transitioning into post-menopausal years, we recognize the significance of providing women with the extra care they truly deserve. Our mission is to be the go-to resource for all their healthcare needs.


Led by the seasoned gynecologist, Dr. Harita Kothia, our team is committed to delivering the most accurate and relevant information on a myriad of gynecological issues. Dr. Harita Kothia's expertise ensures that you receive guidance tailored to your specific concerns.

Explore our diverse range of blogs covering topics such as Pregnancy, Infertility, Cancer awareness, adolescent girl health, post-menopausal health, and more. Authored by Dr. Harita Kothia herself, our blogs are meticulously edited by our guest author and technical expert, Er. Khyati Biswas, ensuring the highest quality content.

We value your input, so feel free to share your feedback with us. Don't forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay informed about the latest updates and exciting new initiatives we're launching.

Embark on a journey of knowledge and empowerment with – because every woman deserves the best care and information. Happy reading, and here's to your great health!

Warm regards,

Dr. Harita and Er. Khyati

Dr. Harita is available for consultation at:

Phoenix Hospital, Chikoowadi, Borivali West, Mumbai- Mon to Sat- 12:00 to 1:30 pm & 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

Amee Maternity Hospital, Dahisar East, Mumbai- Mon to Sat- 6 to 8:30 pm

Siddhi Nursing Home, Charkop, Kandivali West, Mumbai- Mon to Sat 4 to 5:30 pm.

Go to the contacts page for more information on booking an appointment.

About Dr. Harita Kothia

Dr. Harita Kothia is M.S in Obstretics and Gynaecology. She is also an infertility specialist and a laproscopic surgeon  Practicing since 2014, she is known  for an excellent diagnosis and patient care. Her aim is to provide a healthy living to the women of your family. 


M.S Obstretics and Gynaecology- Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

Fellowship in Hysterolaproscopy, Bangalore

Disclaimer: Please note all advice posted by our qualified doctor are as per the best practices in the medical field. For diagnosis or treatment of any health condition, it is always advisable to consult the doctor personally. The owner or the author of this website is not liable for any consequences to any person reading or following the information.

Blogs posted by guest authors are their own views and should not be misconstrued and is for general information only.

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