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Adolescent health problems

Adolescent girls face many health related issues which are mostly not discussed openly. We as parents often fail to understand that this is the most important period for development of future psychological and behavioral issues.

Starting with aneamia, malnutrition, obesity, polycystic ovarian disease, mental health issues, early sexual activity and risk of sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, addiction issues... Nothing is uncommon.

It is the most challenging age with its set of problems, which we need to tackle patiently. Many diseases can be prevented in adulthood if we address them at this age, a challenge for everyone. Internet exposure has made them both vulnerable and knowledgeable, we cannot suppress but guide them. Psychiatric problems should not be overlooked, help should be sought when necessary. Unhealthy eating habits, junk foods have given nightmares to every mother. Adolescents are rapidly growing, they need healthy food. This should be stressed. Anemia should be treated. It can affect growth potential.

We as parents should learn to practice what we teach, be it eating habits, screen time, behavioral issues. They see us every day.

Irrational driving is putting adolescents health in danger. Never forget to exercise power and responsibility as parent. We cannot be buddies always.

Talk to your adolescent children. No topic is shameful to discuss with both parents if it's for their future betterment Talk to them, or take them to a clinic to know about safe sexual practices and contraception.

Disclaimer - these are the views of a qualified author, any resemblance to anybody is coincidental.

Use the live chat option to ask our doctor about adolescent issues.

Let's help them be better citizens...!

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Oct 05, 2019

Very useful article.

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