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Checklist : Common symptoms in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase full of anxiety and questions for many women. Physical bodily changes and emotional changes can be attributed to pregnancy hormones. The following is a exhaustive list of symptoms that may be experienced by pregnant women in different trimesters. Click on individual symptoms to know how to deal with these issues. The aim is to prepare a symptom checklist only. It is best to check with your doctor regarding any symptom troubling you more.



0-13 WEEKS

May be asymptomatic Nausea Vomiting Morning sickness Constipation Dizziness Tiredness Breast tenderness Metallic taste in mouth Frequency of urination Altered smell sensation Heart burn or acidity Leucorrhea Headaches Mood swings Shortness of breath Skin changes in first trimester Breast changes Periodontitis


14-28 WEEKS

Constipation Heart burn Feeling energetic Skin changes : stretch marks Heaviness in abdomen Increased Vaginal discharge Shortness of breath Breast changes Dizziness hypoglycemia Baby bump Feet swelling Puffiness of face Quickening : Baby movements Backache Leg cramps Gait changes Braxton hicks contractions Umbilical eversion


29 - 40 WEEKS

Baby bump Feet swelling Puffiness of face Constipation Heart burn Baby movements Stress Urinary incontinence Skin changes : stretch marks Heaviness in abdomen Stretching pain in abdomen Hip pain and bone pain Vaginal heaviness Itching of pregnancy and skin rashes Sleep issues Frequency of urination Irregular bowel movements Vaginal discharge Braxton hicks contractions Backache Leg cramps Shortness of breath Difficulty balancing Lightening : descent of baby's head in pelvis Breast changes Gait changes Umbilical eversion


Bleeding Backache Afterpains Episiotomy care and issues Recovery after c section Dizziness and Tiredness Breast engorgement Sore or cracked nipples Resuming sex after delivery Resuming of menses Postpartum blues and anxiety Breastfeeding during illness Sleep issues

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Disclaimer - These are the views of a qualified doctor and author. These are general suggestions and do not replace actual check up by a doctor. Any resemblance to anybody is coincidental. Medical science is a ever-changing field. We try to update our articles from time to time. Please follow current guidelines where necessary.

Author information - Dr Harita N Kothia, Obstetrician and gynecologist, Mumbai.

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