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Independence day Contest results!

We organized a contest this independence day on the topic of how you have been taking care of your physical and mental health during this pandemic.

We received an amazing response from many of you. Thank you very much for your active participation. It was a tough decision for us to chose two winning answers.

The winners are: Mrs. Usha Goyal Jain and Miss. Ishani Majumdar.

A huge congratulations to the winners. Thank you for sharing your take on how you take care of your health. You receive one free online consultation from our expert doctor valid till 6 months from today.

The winning answers:

Mrs. Usha Goyal Jain

During this trying time my family made an action plan, if at all anyone of us get COVID then

how we should act which decreased our fear quite a bit. Counting our blessing is the only

way we can be positive. Cooking being my passion, tried n trying so many different cuisines,

which takes care of eating healthy part n posting then on various family n friends whatsapp

group. By receiving loads of appreciation for my cooking, I feel motivated to try more, which

keeps me busy. We have two storey house so many times in a day climbing up n down n

yoga takes care of my workout part.

Most important thing which gives me the utmost satisfaction is writing, I write poems n some

articles. And of course not to forget keeping in touch with my family n friends. I have a big

gp of friends, we Zoom call many times. We all friends made two videos just for fun n to feel

connected. I have revived many relations which was for some reason broken.

Actually I learned to live life during this pandemic. I hope to carry on with all my acquired

learning forward even after this trying time.

Miss. Ishani Majumdar

I have well balanced diet including micro and macro nutrients. I do meditation, Pranayam

and follow my hobby of writing.

Here's what our expert Dr. Harita Kothia has to say about her routine:

I try to take time out for myself even if it's half an hour. Play my favorite songs on my phone and do some light exercises in a well-lit room with open windows to help fresh air flow in. I also do some pranayama. I try to forgive my and other's mistakes, not take things seriously all the time and ask for specific help when required.

I limit news time and screentime. I like to sing my fav songs and see some inspirational videos in my free time. I make sure to include colorful fruits and salad in my simple meal.

Thank you very much,

Stay healthy and stay safe!



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