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PCOD... we hear this term very commonly these days.. Every other woman talks about it but it is the least understood disease. I met a patient who got panicked on hearing her diagnosis of pcod and underwent half yearly sonographies to see if it was gone. It never goes. It's in the genes. So let us focus on few key things about PCOS It is polycystic ovarian disease, a metabolic disorder in women that causes irregular periods, excessive hair growth, weight gain, acne, problems in conceiving, difficultly in losing weight, heavy flow, skin hyperpigmentation in folds.

About 10 - 15% women suffer from it. The incidence is increasing in adolescent girls. It is the most common endocrine disorder of women. It is also very common cause for subfertility. Your doctor will order some blood tests and a sonography to confirm the diagnosis. Mainstay of treatment is lifestyle modification. Weight loss with the help of diet control and exercise is important. In young girls with only complain of irregular cycles, no other treatment except lifestyle changes required. Sometimes a medicine called metformin helps in weight reduction. They can take hormonal medicines to get periods if it doesn't come in 2-3 months. Excessive hair growth can be controlled by pills along with weight loss. All pcos do not have subfertility. They can conceive naturally. Few require treatment with ovulation induction. A woman with PCOD is more likely to develop diabetes later in life, diabetes in pregnancy, high blood pressure, uterine cancer, obesity related complications. It is best to act on time in young age to save yourself from numerous diseases. Strict weight loss program for young girls and women is required in addition to lifestyle changes.

Disclaimer - These are the views of a qualified doctor and author. These are general suggestions and do not replace actual check up by a doctor. Any resemblance to anybody is coincidental.

Author information - Dr Harita N Kothia, Obstetrician and gynecologist, Mumbai.

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