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World Anti-obesity day... It's time to act!!! 

Obesity means excess fat accumulation in body and excess weight gain. Millions of people worldwide suffer from it and it is the leading cause of a long list of chronic diseases. Studies also show that women are more likely to be obese than men. 11th October is celebrated as world obesity day by WHO. This year's theme is tackling obesity together - Actions for a healthier future. Let us see how obesity affects women. How to know if you are obese or not? BMI or body mass index is a simple measurement using height and weight. You can check it online also. BMI more than 25 is overweight, more than 30 obese and more than 35 is extremely obese. Obesity occurs when your body stores more calories than it uses. Unhealthy dietary habits, lack of physical activity, family history, endocrine diseases, low basal metabolism, aging, traumatic events, some medicines, lack of proper sleep can lead to obesity. Obesity causes more deaths worldwide than malnutrition. Obese women are more likely to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, breathing problems like sleep apnea, stroke, many types of Cancers like breast cancer, uterus cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer etc, difficulty in getting pregnant and pregnancy complications, mental illness etc. Limiting calories intake, exercise like walking and floor exercises , making healthy food choices can prevent obesity. Dietician advice on food choices, good exercise regime are necessary to lose weight. Medications are also available for refractory patients. Bariatic surgeries for weight loss can also be advised for severe obesity or obese patients with other metabolic diseases. There is a alarming increase in childhood obesity. Good eating habits should be emphasized in children. There is lot of social stigma attached to obesity. Let us take a pledge to support anti obesity drive. Disclaimer - these are the views of a qualified doctor and author. These are general suggestions and do not replace actual check up by doctor. Any resemblance to anybody is coincidental. Author information - Dr Harita N Kothia, Obstetrician and gynecologist, Mumbai

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